Musician's Dream

Seeing Sounds

Music impacts the world. With this understanding, Musicians' Dream is here to help create an understanding of every part of sound. Music is the future, present, and have shown to change in the past. Come hear your dreams and see sounds. Here's how you can connect: Musician's Dream.

Music is Life!

Sounds are heard and seen!

Octavia Little, the founder of Musician's Dream has always wanted to impact the world with music. Making music has always been her passion and when growing up and finding there were little to no resources to make any music, the idea of creating a place of music for the community came to her. 10 years later, she started Musician's Dream up starting near her hometown in Charlotte, NC. The success was astronomical and Octavia continues to help reach and teach the communities.

Musician's Dream purpose is always to spread love. Love will make anyone's smile turn upside down. Music sometimes is used in a negative way and we believe that we can influence the generations to keep it positive. MD never stifles creativity, just make it a positive meaning so that someone becomes inspired in a good way.

Music makes you happy, makes you sad, makes you love, makes you motivated. It catalizes an emotion from the good to the bad and we will continue to push towards the good. Everyone wants to create, whether music is not an important part of your life or not, music is in your life in some way. Musician's Dream will help you understand it and happy with the sounds as we teach any thing that you want to know about music. MD see's sounds and hear's dreams.